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Get a Car-Tana Original T-shirts FOR FREE !

Get a Car-Tana Original T-shirts FOR FREE !

How can you get a Car-Tana originalT-shirts?

Campaign period

Entiries will be accepted online starting on July 20th, 2017 and ending on September 30th, 2017 (local time).
All online entries must be received by September 30th (local time)

Simple 4 Step

  • Step 1

    Push "Like" button on our Car-Tana Facebook page

    step1 image
  • Step 2

    Ask 20 friends on Facebook to push "Like" button on our Car-Tana Facebook page

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  • Step 3

    Apply for the T-shirt campaign by filling an application form
    (the applicaiton form will be notified on our Facebook page later)

    step3 image
  • Step 4

    Become first 100 persons to get Car-Tana original T-shirts for free !!

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  • After you get Car-Tana original T-shirts,

    step5 image

    We are so happy if you post your photos wearing T-shirt on your Facebook page.
    If you send direct messages with your photos wearing T-shirt to our Facebook page, we will also post it on our Facebook page.

Terms & Condition

Campaign period

July 20th, 2017- September 30th, 2017 (local time)

Eligibility (those who can apply)

Only people who meet the following requirements can apply this campaign

Application period

October 1st, 2017- October 31st, 2017 (local time)

How to apply

You need to send online application form (the application form is exclusive use)
Please fill the following information

  1. 1. Your name
  2. 2. Your address
  3. 3. Your Phone number
  4. 4. Your Email Address
  5. 5. Your friends' names (those names must be found on our Facebook page)

* 1. and 5. must be names which are registerd for Facebook
* Application procedures are subject to change

Winner selection and notification

After application period ends, Car-Tana will check your application form and if there is no mistake on your application form, we will send email that notify you that you can get T-shirt about 30 days later

What product will you get ?

Car-Tana original T-shirt

Car-Tana original T-shirt

* The illustration above is image.

How many of you can get T-shirt ?

Offer a Car-Tana original T-shirt to the first 100 people who applied